Catheter Tube and Medical Part Printing

Catheter tube printing

By modifying our Professional Series pad printers, TTN is able to manufacture a pad printer to move along the tranverse axis, delivering the pad to then roll print catheter tubes. This machine can also be delivered with pre- and post-treatment options. All of our TTN machines are built with anodized aluminum, steel, and painted or powder coated surfaces and parts. This keeps your cleanroom clean, while maintaining FDA compliance. Scroll down to learn more how we keep your cleanroom, compliant.

Items to Consider when Cylindrical Pad printing for the medical market

  • Cleanroom Compliance Needs
  • Colors Required by Your Projects
  • Ink Type Required (Insertable vs. Class VI vs. Standard)
  • Size and Shape of Object to be Printed
  • Length of Object to be Printed
  • Pretreatment Options Needed
  • Artwork Required

Single Sided
Catheter Tube Printing

Whether it is fully cylindrical or simply one sided, we can build a machine for your requirements. Our machine in the video to the right is using a corona treatment unit prior to printing the catheters. These catheter tubes are being printed two at a time. Have a project you want us to work on? Feel free to reach out.

We Keep Cleanrooms Clean

All of our TTN pad printers are smooth and never texturized so they are cleanroom compliant from the beginning. They include:

  • Anodized Aluminum Surfaces
  • Metal-backed Pads
  • Steel Clichés
  • Smooth Surfaces with Minimal Cracks to Increase Cleaning Speed and Reduce Contamination
  • Powder Coatings to Further Resist Corrosive Cleaning Agents (Universal Series)

This keeps your cleanroom clean and compliant with cleaning standards, helping machines resist corrosion. So, wipe away!