Custom Built Pad Printing Machine

Custom Built
Up to 6 Colors
300% Output

With nearly four decades of experience, TTN is the superior pad printing manufacturer, building custom made pad printing machinery. With features like quick change pads, lightning-fast fixture changeouts, and servo driven motors, these machines are designed to optimally print 1,500 parts per hour with job change outs that take mere seconds. 

You can 3X a normal pad printing operation with only one operator! Now that is efficient.

A Machine as smart as the person who buys it!

Store and Recall Your Jobs
Control Every Aspect
No Tools Required

Our Servo Innovator pad printer, manufactured by TTN, has a touchscreen interface that was completely designed in-house. This amounts to a totally tailored control over the machine. You can control pressure, dryers, tape cleaning, speed, and more. Want a new language interface? No problem! It’s as custom as you need it to be.

The operator can store every printing attribute and assign it to a job, then recall the job, by job name, number, or even a barcode scan, so identical printing results are achieved for each project, no matter how often you need to repeat it.

These machines have smart features built-in, including the ability to tell the operator which fixtures, pads, and other items to use. Only printing in 3 colors on your 4 color Servo Innovator pad printer? This machine knows which clichés and pads are not in place and will only run sequences where these items are.

In fact, this machine is so smart it will only print when the correct part is detected! This eliminates useless motion, unnecessary pad and cliché wear, and ink waste.

Now that is truly smart!


Setup in seconds, change jobs in minutes, and enjoy payback in just months.

powered by magnets

Change Clichés, Pads, and Fixtures Quick

Our Servo Innovator pad printer informs your operator which pad and fixture is required to print each job. And the fixtures are removed and replaced in seconds using magnets. (The same goes for the pads and clichés!)

This means switching printing jobs is done in just a couple of minutes for a 6-color machine, allowing print time to be maximized. The video to the right is a real time view of a job switch occurring.

Totally connected printing

Built for Simplicity, Expansion, and Online Interfacing

All jobs are stored on a server accessible by you, and, because the jobs are measured in kilobytes, the number of jobs that can be stored and recalled by the Servo Innovator pad printing machine is nearly limitless. This means jobs can be created and backed up. Owners can feel comfortable previous printing jobs will never be erased. 

This also allows easy expansion. If an operation requires multiple machines simply plug in the new machines and easily configure a simple internet protocol. In seconds printing parameters are recognized and printing can begin.

Also, by being wired to the Internet, no matter where the machine is, our TTN experts can remotely assist by connecting to the machine remotely.


The machine does the work, leaving operator training to a minimum.

keep that pad clean

Built-in Pad Cleaning

Through the touchscreen console operators can program in an automatic tape cleaning schedule to prevent downtime and improve print quality.  Once this is programmed, it can be saved in the job so that future orders are simply recalled and the process repeats flawelessly.

remotely monitor output

Gain Power and Control by Staying Connected

Our Servo Innovator pad printer allows owners and managers to measure real output. Whether in an office in the same room or on the other side of the world, remotely login to view real-time production which can be separated by job, operator, machine, or total output for any time period you wish.

In real-time, measure output by viewing it in graphical terms. This can be targeted toward specific operators or even how certain jobs affect ROI. 

Now your control is back in the manager’s hands with real world knowledge backed up by actionable data. Our Servo Innovator gives you the knowledge and insights you need, and that knowledge is real power.


Our Servo Innovator can be built in 2-6 color variations with your precise projects in mind.

Every control
at your command

Touchscreen Controls
Save Time and Money

Want to turn on the dryer to speed up part drying between parts or need a bit more time between parts for loading and unloading? Not a problem. With a user-intuitive interface perfecting each job’s results is now in your hands.

You can adjust X and Y positioning of the pad, control speed, and even control how many times each individual pad prints on a part. Need the white base to print twice? No problem. Our touchscreen console controls all aspects of the machine and eliminates timely setups using extra tools. Our interface also protects operators by reducing pinch points and time spent near moving machinery by allowing all adjustments to be done through the panel.

This means operators spend more time in a safer environment preparing for the next job and focused on providing the perfect print. Operator safety and job satisfaction improves dramatically, which means less downtime for the machine and the organization.

Custom Made
Pad Printing

Do you need linear conveyors, indexing tables, integration with pick and place robotics, or post- and pre-treatment equipment? Our pad printing machines can be integrated into automated production lines and can be totally customized for your unique projects.

We offer complete pad printing solutions for your products including automatic feeding, printing, unloading, drying, sorting, and packing.

All machinery is built according to CE standards. TTN can also manufacture to other standards, like UL or CSA.

Look no further… We are the worldwide leader in pad printing automation!