TTN Pad Printers

An Overview of TTN Pad Printing Machines Available

Excellent Manual Pad Printer

These manual pad printing machines come in 1 or 2-colors.  They feature INA bearings for years of seamless use. Perfect for printing on prototype parts, smaller runs, entry level pad printing, or even the hobbyist, like pad printing on Legos.

High Output Economical Pad Printer

The Universal Series economical pad printers from TTN come in one or two colors.  These machines use the highest end components and are the best 1 and 2-color economical pad printers available in the marketplace today.  With the ability to expand ink cup sizes, quick image change, quick color change, integrated tape cleaners, it is no wonder they are becoming an industry standard.

Pad Printers

Advanced Controls for Demanding Users

The Professional Series pad printers from TTN come in one to six colors.  These machines offer a great combination of economics with high end features not found in any pad printing machinery anywhere else.  Stepper motor driven linear tables keep pad printing accurate and exact, while the machines maintain registration on one plate, allowing up to a 45 minute reduction in setup times versus competitor’s machinery.  Integrated tape cleaner, pre- and post-treatment options make this a great choice for users demanding more.

Circumferential and Catheter Tube Printers

Everything from glassware to catheter tubes can be printed 360°.  The medical industry.  These pad printers are designed to print 360° around a part.  Since the pad printing tables are controlled using stepper motors, the precision is extremely accurate.  Integrated tape cleaner, pre- and post-treatment options, and clean room compliance make this a great choice for users demanding more.  Learn why so many medical companies trust us to pad print their parts.

World's Most Advanced Pad Printer

The Servo Innovator line is the most advanced pad printer in the world.  This pad printer has the ability to save and recall jobs, run reports, change jobs in seconds, integrate pre- and post-treatment, dryer units, pick and place robotics for packaging and more.  This is the ultimate pad printer available today.