Adhesion test marking on your product is always free. We will provide a written report with a free video showing the success of the sample marked parts. Please send all parts to:


Attn: Sample Marking

3740 North Mason Rd.

Unit A

Houston, TX 77449

For additional limitations and details on part submittal please see below but please carefully read the disclaimer.


  • Free sample adhesion test marking precludes us from building fixtures. We mark hundreds of customer parts per year. It is not possible to build a fixture, mix custom colors, make custom cliches/images (pad printing) for customer parts. This can result in off-angle printing, non-optimized printing locations, stretched wording, and other less than perfect results. We can provide fixturing upon machine purchase for a cost and details can be provided if desired. Paid sample marking is available, which will provide a closer-to-identical copy of the parts expected in production. Please contact us for more details.
  • Printing is for illustrative purposes only and for basis of machine (laser) or ink (pad printing) selection.
  • We will provide details of all settings and any recreated files upon customer purchase of machinery.
  • Automated Marking Solutions, LLC (Automark) makes no warranties in the accuracy of any customer desired files, as many times these have to be recreated for speed and accuracy. Recreations have to be accomplished quickly due to the nature of the volume of our sample marking efforts.
  • All adhesion test marking will be done at no charge to the customer on standard laser machines or using black or white inks with the Automark logo. For a fee, Automark will fixture cylindrical parts, can use colors (pad printing), use customer images (pad printing or 3D laser marking), use more exotic fixtureless systems including those with vision recognition systems, etc. Details can be discussed if customer wishes to pursue.
  • Please keep in mind we use fiber, UV, green, CO2 and MOPA/non-MOPA variants in determining which wavelength works best on customer parts. We have a number of series of inks that will also be tested for pad printing. It is important to understand substrate type and color can greatly affect the absorption of these wavelengths and adherence of inks and more than one laser type or ink type can be recommended. We do our best to optimize the laser solution/ink to fit it to the least expensive option, including trying to mark all parts on one laser system or with one ink type.
  • Marking time can be further optimized and is for illustrative purposes only.
  • We video record our customer samples at no-cost, however, many times we cannot do all customer parts. It is extremely time consuming to compile all data and videos, so we try to limit this to just a few parts to show success and timing proof.
  • All laser marks and pad printing marks are considered permanent and can only be removed by destroying substrate.
  • Micron depth can be provided and measured for a fee along with SEM photographs.
  • Fonts are estimated unless noted. 
  • If customer wishes for parts to be returned please provide a valid UPS shipper’s number. We can also accept credit cards to send your parts back and will provide an estimate beforehand.
  • We accept no responsibility for the damage of parts during test marking process. 
  • We reserve the right to exhibit marked parts unless customer wishes to opt out via a phone call or written request. 
  • Thank you for allowing us to mark your parts.